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Azealia Banks Goes On Full Kanye West Rant

Azealia Banks accuses Kanye West of stealing ideas and says that Kim Kardashian had sex with Drake



Azealia Banks has a weird relationship with Kanye West.

First, Azealia Banks attacked Kanye West and Kim Kardashian earlier this year following Kanye West’s return to social media – endorsing President Donald Trump and later stating that “Slavery is a choice” on TMZ.

She stated:

“Nothing at all profound, necessary or eloquent about anything your husband says. I wish you would make him read a book cover to cover before you send that black man into a world of white people with such base level theories as well as his very limited vernacular as pertaining to any of the pseudo-intellectual things he tries to say. Kanye will never be the president and you will never ever be the First Lady. Give it up sis.”

A majority of the internet applauded her for her actions but things got a little strange. Azealia Banks tweeted that Kanye West had invited her to work with Yeezy and she was ecstatic. (We couldn’t find the tweet so we’re assuming t was deleted)

If this wasn’t a clear indicator that Azealia Banks has been spending time with Kanye, her Twitter feud with ex-friend Lana Del Rey in September.

On Instagram, Del Rey stated:

“Trump becoming our president was a loss for the country but your support of him is a loss for the culture, I can only assume you relate to his personality on some level. Delusions of Grandeur, extreme issues of narcissism — none of which would be a talking point if we weren’t speaking about the man leading our country.”

She added “If you think it’s alright to support someone who believes it’s OK to grab a woman by the p**** just because he’s famous-then you need an intervention as much as he does — something so many narcissists will never get because there just isn’t enough help for the issue,”.

Azealia Banks responded on Twitter, tweeting:

“Wow okay Lana, this would be cute if you were consistent with your outrage and refused to collab with ASAP rocky who has physically assaulted women too,” Banks added “To me this just looks like the typical White woman taking using a weakened target to ‘pretend’ to be an ally.”

Banks continued with a thread about racism.

You would never in your white mind try to battle ME on my ideas … I suggest you apologize to Kanye for trying to selectively make him complicit in 45’s abuse of women simple for agreeing with parts of his ideology while you frolic through society with other black male abusers

— CHEAPYXO (@SHOPCHEAPYXO) September 30, 2018

Makes YOU. The enemy. You approve of ASAP rocky because his victims weren’t white. You’re exactly the kind of thought police Kanye is fighting against….

— CHEAPYXO (@SHOPCHEAPYXO) September 30, 2018

Between women as there is between sexes. Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware when there is SO MUCH MORE bootleg witchcraft you could be doing to TRY and take down 45. Kanye is not your enemy or THE enemy. In fact your selective outrage

— CHEAPYXO (@SHOPCHEAPYXO) September 30, 2018

Especially because you know that a white woman vs a black male will result in an immediate victory for the white woman due to societal circumstances. You wouldn’t dare challenge a black woman on her opinion because you don’t have that (much of a) social prejudice in place between

— CHEAPYXO (@SHOPCHEAPYXO) September 30, 2018

Then in October, Azealia Banks celebrated Kanye West on Instagram for visiting Donald Trump at the White House.

“Literally, no other black celebrity has gone to the White House with a level head to try and represent for us.”

“I felt like trump was genuinely Happy to have a conversation with a black celebrity that he didn’t have to be on guard for…”

“And it was really [Expletive] adorable to see two of America’s most polarizing, hated in the press people share a genuine moment and hug and smile. I’m 100% for it.”

Today, Azealia Banks has posted on her Instagram account a “Yeezy Modular Survival Kit” design which includes an “electric generator, a hot plate, a convection oven, a small cloth washer, and a mini-fridge.”

The product is meant for a solution for natural disasters or camping.

kanye mentioned something about Kim Kardashian being jealous he was talking to me then ghosted, but I’m pretty sure it’s just sneaky Kanye’s way of trying to steal my idea and leave me out. Sometimes pretending like you are emotionally unstable is an easy way to sneak past people and manipulate them into doing ALL THE WORK FOR YOU.”

To make things worse, Azealia Banks went on a full rant this afternoon stating that she went to war with Lana Del Rey because Kanye asked her too.

She also added that Kim Kardashian would be leaving Kanye West.

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