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Fabolous, Jadakiss – F vs J Intro [VIDEO]

Jadakiss verse is crazy.





At night, I lie awake and this man is…is burning
Every waking moment, he haunts me
I think he’s coming
I know he’s coming
I see someone else…in the fog…by the lake
And he’s holding something…
Who is he?

(Ted Smooth, straight face, you remember!)

[Verse 1: Fabolous]

Yeah, it’s getting spooky out here

All the Nino Browns done turned Pookie out here

No cool niggas, it’s just goofies out here

I mean, niggas is eating pork wearing kufis out here

Through it all, stood tall, Doofy out here

Ten toes down, I’m on two feet out here

Truthfully, out here, I’ll be too flee out here
Getting fly, no bullshit, I’m the 2-3 out here
From Jordans you ain’t see, shoutout to Carolina

To all baby me’s, I see all you Harold Miners

Mixtape three-peats, I fadeaway at the go-go

With girls that’ll spread they legs open for a logo, ay

Check out the swag, yo, I walk like a ball player

To the locker room, I’m back to cock it to ‘em
Toast to all you niggas that was talkin’ caca to ’em

We on a different FLŌH, we ain’t sendin’ vodka to ‘em

The shots that we giving make you send a doctor to ‘em
Bet he say ‘aah’ when it blocka-blocka to ’em

Now he in a awkward room tryna lock a goon
Like the shooter had a hood on, mighta been Dr. Doom
Sounded like a fifth or a nine, couldn’t tell though

All a sudden, thunder, it mighta been Hoodie Melo

You soft as pudding Jell-O, we’ll come to your hood and “Hello”

Wave it at everybody, ain’t tryna be put in jail though

All I know is that the Lambo look good in yellow
And I be swervin’ potholes in every hood and ghetto

Lame nigga, swerve, I lame nigga swerve

It’s been 10 years and you the same nigga, swerve!

I just gotta keep on keepin’ on
But I’m not gon’ be the one you keep on sleepin’ on
This verse right here be your worst nightmare

I just laugh at you niggas then come after you niggas


[Verse 2: Jadakiss]

HA-HAAAEEH! (You remember!)

I’m dead wrong; you wanna live, I can’t let you

You at full speed, I’m walking, I still catch you
Mr. Voorhees, good looking, I destroy these

These niggas ain’t bosses, they workers and employees

I came out of the lake, but I be in the boondocks

Flannel or overall, work boots, tube socks

I’ll put something right through your face from out the toolbox

Niggas get hot and make the news, I make the news hot

You can be as hard as whoever, I crack craniums

You know all my killings are brutal and spontaneous

I like this, pop out, soon as you hit the light switch

Run and then all a sudden you fall like the white chicks

Might have to crush your Adam’s apple with the vice grips

You never see me during the day, I play the night shift

Cartilage, flesh and bone, damp gristle

Be my guest, go ahead and hide, I can’t miss you

You already know I reside at Camp Crystal
Lake, dismantle your face, revamp tissue

Power from the hockey mask, James St. Patrick
Three bodies in one night, that’s a hat trick

Pay the plug soon as you finish, that’s a backflip

Spend six, make 12 back, that’s a crack flip

Sad part about it, you boys ain’t even ready
Preferably my weapon of choice is the machete
Screaming at the top of your lungs before I mangle you
Zip you up in your sleeping bag before I strangle you
Yeah, I had it in me since a youngin’
When you hear that (Kill kill kill), you don’t see me but I’m comin’
Everybody gotta die, every man, every woman
(Kill kill kill) Yeah, it ain’t even no sense in runnin’
(Kill kill kill) Nah, my name ring around the nation
How the crime scene was left, they could tell that it was Jason

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Why 2-Chainz Turned Down Jay-Z During “Watch The Throne” Era.

2-Chainz cites “Loyalty” as reason for declining an offer from Roc Nation.




In 2 Chainz new YouTube series #CrateTalk, he revealed that he was at one point close to signing a deal with Jay-Z. In the inaugural episode, Host 2 Chainz explained to special guest Steve Stoute how it all happened. The conversation starts at the 5:45 mark.

“Hov told me that he wanted to do business with you and you turned him down,” Stoute says

“I was already speaking with Kanye on and off,” 2 Chainz said, “While they was in Paris working on Watch the Throne, Ye would hit me the whole time talking about my mixtapes and just was speaking to me where we just built a great relationship on the phone because we share some of the same similarities, right?”

It was at this point that Jay-Z asked 2-Chainz to get on a flight to New York. 2 Chainz wanted to bring along his friend and business partner, DJ Teknikz, but the request was denied. Because of this 2-Chainz felt it was only right to decline the business meeting out of respect and loyalty to his friend DJ Tek.

No love was lost however, as the pair have been seen together on multiple occasions including the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch. On 2 Chainz 5th studio album “Rap or Go To The League” he boasts a Jay-Z sample (Lucifer) on the opening track “Forgiven” ft. Marsha Ambrosius. 2 Chainz wanted Jay-Z as feature on his new album but the timing wasn’t right. Hopefully we can get a collaboration from the two artists sometime in the foreseeable future.


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Rick Ross Set To Release “Hurricanes” Memoir – September 3, 2019

The highly anticipated memoir from hip-hop icon Rick Ross chronicles his coming of age amid Miami’s crack epidemic, his star-studded controversies and his unstoppable rise to fame.




Celebrities and public figures write memoirs that detail their life stories as well as  focus on issues they may or may not be as vocal about in public. For example, Michelle Obama’s latest literary achievement in “Becoming” is a memoir of her life’s journey as well as recording artist Gucci Mane’s book “The Autobiography of Gucci Mane.”

Recording artist and businessman, Rick Ross, is the latest celebrity involved in hip-hop music to publish a memoir titled Hurricanes and it’s set to be published in autumn (US).

In a statement, Rick said, “My story has always been deeper than rap. With this book I wanted to go deeper than I ever have. I wanted to tell people about the life of William Leonard Roberts.”

“Most people know Rick Ross as a global icon, but few are familiar with his origin story. Hurricanes transcends the conventions of celebrity memoir to offer an intimate and inspiring portrait of an artist who at every turn defied the odds and continues to change the game,” added Peter Joseph, editorial director of Hanover Square Press.

The book will not shy away from the recording artists fair deal of controversy including the rapper’s past as a drug dealer and correctional officer, as well as incidents such as his seizures, celebrity feuds, drive-by shootings, and his 2015 arrest on kidnapping and assault charges.

“From the making of ‘Hustlin” to his first major label deal with Def Jam, to the controversy surrounding his past as a correctional officer and the numerous health scares, arrests and feuds he had to transcend along the way, Hurricanes is a revealing portrait of one of the biggest stars in the rap game, and an intimate look at the birth of an artist,” reads the book synopsis.

Pre-order Rick Ross’s New Book Here.

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Stream Shaggy’s New Song: “Use Me”



It’s been a while since we last heard from legendary reggae artist, Shaggy. Today, Shaggy has released a new single entitled “Use Me.” The track comes via Lyor Cohen’s, 300 Entertainment and Brooklyn Knights Entertainment

Check out Shaggy’s new single in the stream below:

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