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Twitter Beef Gone Wrong, Women Stabbed 15 Times

Two girls took their war of words off of the social network and almost died in the process.



A twitter beef between two users named Brook (victim) and Ameera (assaulter) happened last week. The two were arguing over an inappropriate post where Ameera contrasted a picture of a mentally ill child with a picture of her currently

An older video was posted of another fight Ameera was in, making twitter users make jokes and elevate the disagreement.

A video posted of the actual incident between Brook and Ameera has been deleted as well as the original tweet of the photos. Brook was stabbed 15 times, 7 of the wounds were deep.

Brook is currently recovering from her injuries and promoting her music. Ameera is looking at some serious jail time.

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Kanye West Donates $150,000 To The Family Of Jemel Roberson

Kanye West makes a donation to the family of a security guard that was shot and killed by a police officer.



Jemel Roberson, 26, was a security guard who subdued a gunman who injured four people at a bar in Illinois.

When one of the cops arrived to the scene he shot and killed Jemel Roberson without realizing he was a security guard I.e. “one of the good guys”

According to the AP report, one of the victims of the bar shooting said he did not hear the officer give any verbal warning before shooting Roberson.

Jemel Roberson’s family set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for burial expenses.

Roberson was working extra shifts to make his 9-month-old son’s first Christmas special, his girlfriend Avontea Boose told CNNBoose is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Kanye West made a quiet donation to the Roberson Family donating $150,000. The Chicago native felt compelled to help the family in need in their time of disaster. He has also stated throughout the year that he plans on moving back to Chicago and he plans on building YEEZY factories to help supply jobs to his community.

Although the money raised will help the Roberson family pay for the funeral and court legal fees, Jemel Roberson can not be brought back to life.

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Protests In Utah After Police Kill Upcoming Rapper, Cody Belgard

A Salt Lake City man was shot and killed by police Friday night in Rosepark. The public wants to know why they still have so many questions regarding his death.



KTVX-TV reports that dozens of people demonstrated on Saturday to protest the shooting of Cody Belgard.

Cody Belgard also known as “See Smoke” was an upcoming rapper in the Utah area. He was 30-Years old.

The group Utah Against Police Brutality and the Rose Park Brown Berets say Belgard was shot while fleeing.

Police say Belgard, was shot by police after he tried to ram a police car, ignoring officers commands.

The West Valley City Police Department will lead an investigation into the shooting.

According to his sister, Cody Belgard was shot twice in the back. She and others are demanding release of the body camera the officers were wearing during the fatal shooting Nov. 9.

Body cam footage will be released sometime this week.

2018 is on track to be the deadliest year in Utah for police shootings. Cody was the 10th person shot by UT LEO and the fourteenth person killed by UT LEO this year.

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After months of debate, council approves rules for commercial sales & cultivation set to begin in less than a month



Los Angelos will become the largest city with recreational marijuana use after City Council voted Wednesday December, 6th to license sales of marijuana.

Wikimedia Commons

Since California legalized marijuana, thousands of inmates convicted of marijuana related crimes are asking for their sentence to be reduced.

The change has also led to freedom for some convicted for marijuana use in the state.

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